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I. Apologetics is not an intellectual half-nelson.
      A. If you came here looking for a way to force someone to become a Christian; it doesn't exist.
           1. Christianity is at its core a relationship. John 17:3 states Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.
                a. You don't argue people into relationships.
                b. You may use arguments to help remove obstacles to relationship or to counter lies which have been told to impede the relationship.
II. Apologetics is not an apology, though it may contain one.
      A. As I have stated earlier I have not seen someone argued into the Kingdom of God but I have seen many people fairly well chased away by arguments offered in the name of apologetics. Although God has nothing to apologize for, Christians do; I have seen that a sincere apology, for the failures of individual Christians to live up to the standard that Jesus set, can open many people's hearts.
III. Apologetics is not an exhaustive answer.
      A. Apologetics gives a reasonable answer for the hope that we have as Christians. It cannot answer every question raised, as we do not understand the whole of the universe. No history, philosophy, or science of man is complete and apologetics is no exception. I believe that we can meet the most rigorous of tests and stand toe to toe with the best scientist, historian, or philosopher, but there will always be questions that cannot be answered.
IV. Apologetics is not a cure for those who wish to hide the truth.
      A. When Jesus was ministering and becoming more popular, those who wished to quiet him sought to kill him and Lazarus (who he had publicly raised from the dead) as well (John 12:10). If someone really doesn't want to believe the truth they may be willing to change the circumstances to better reflect their desires.
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