Why We Believe

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      These are the handouts and notes from the Why We Believe class that I teach at Elmbrook Church. They are also available from the handout link at upper right-hand corner of the pages that refer to their content. Often, several pages on the website refer to one handout. Click on the links, below, to download the handout you would like.
      All of the handouts are available in Adobe PDF(TM) format. If you have trouble opening the file once you have downloaded it you can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader(TM) from Adobe.com for free.
The Bible
Evaluating Evidence
The Gospel
Intellectual Problems and Deep Seated Desires
In Search of the Historic Jesus
The Prophecies about Jesus
Macro Evolution
Molecular Evolution
Predestination vs Freewill
Radiometric Dating
Scientific Method and Scientific Mythology
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