Why We Believe

     I designed this website as an adjunct to the "Why We Believe," class that I teach at Elmbrook Church. I found that many people who had taken the class wanted access to the class materials after the class and wanted direction for further study. This site was put together to meet that need. I hope that other people who come across the site will find it useful as well.
     I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ at a young age. My father is an engineer and he always told us, “you have to know what you know and why you know it.” My father saw to it that I spent my first 18 years preparing to teach and practice apologetics.
     In college I majored in biochemistry, at CSU Sacramento and then did graduate research in biochemistry, before going to medical school, at the Medical College of Wisconsin and completing a Family Medicine Residency at the University of Wisconsin. During my education I sought out challenges to my faith from science, philosophy, and history. I found that Christianity could stand the challenge that each brought.
     In college I began having open air discussions where people could ask me anything about the Bible, they did, and the Bible always stood the challenge. Since the early 1990s I have taught apologetics and given ask me anything talks on many college campuses, at my church, and for several para-church organizations.
     I have been married, since 2000, to my very supportive wife Nikki and we have been blessed with two wonderful children. I am currently a family physician, in private practice ,in Cuday, Wisconsin. I also serve as associate faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
     I would be happy to respond to any questions that you may have. My email is listed after my siganture below. I appologiz for the lack of an automatic link, but unfortunately, comutputers find those too easily and fill my inbox with spam. The fppda.com refers to my other website where I teach medical students how to use technology to better care for their patients.
I hope that you find this site useful.
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